Weird Online Slots – Ten Unusual Slot Games at Internet Casinos

Before we enter what I find bizarre in the online slots world, let’s discuss the slots that failed to make the grade, weird-wise.

These are standard slots games that, despite their blandness, have names that summon the image of a bored GS-11 employee sitting at the end of the slots machine assembly line, assigning names to each between bites of kruller.

Yeah. With all the current creativity in the online slots world, it’s hard to keep in mind that, exactly like everywhere else on the planet, some individuals are simply killing time 룰렛사이트.

Okay, now that that pet peeve’s from the way, let’s look at some online slot games that suffer with a completely opposite malady, which I call Weird Slot Complex (WSC).

Including funny to hilarious and all how you can bizarre and creepy with a side of ick, these slots represent creativity gone wild.

A tad too wild, perhaps? You function as judge.

Forbidden Slot

It’s not the 2 women kissing which makes this slot weird. It really isn’t.

I’d wager pretty much any slot that featured any like-gendered individuals kissing with an entirely unnecessary quantity of tongue action would merit inclusion with this list.

Oh, and I especially such as the title’s play on words. And then there’s the artwork on the reels. Something a little, um, Georgia O’Keeffe-y about a few of it, if you get my drift.

The slot is really a creation of Spinomenal, which develops HTML5 software for the online casino industry.

It’s probably the consequence of being introduced first to Forbidden Slot, but I viewed another of their games—Loot a Fruit—from entirely the wrong perspective. And don’t even get me started by what I imagined Farm of Fun or Nuts Commander would be.

Santa’s Kiss

There is actually a whole subgenre of sexy Santa slots out there.

That one from Booming Games is on the mild side, featuring only a fairly chaste kiss shared by Santa and who we must assume (if for no other reason than to preserve cherished childhood memories) is Mrs. Claus.

She certainly seems like she may be Mrs. Claus, but then again, maybe the jolly old elf just features a type.

Forty Shades of Santa

That is probably the sole fan-fiction slot centered on a fan-fiction movie centered on some fan-fiction “episodes” cobbled together by other fans right into a fan-fiction novel.

It’s a five-reeler mobile game—developed by Probability PLC back in 2012—and seems to have been limited (thank god) to Paddy Power 인터넷카지노.

According for some pictures and comments made about the overall game, it featured some light sadomasochistic Santa stuff, along side symbols such as for instance whips and masks on its reels. Now I know what’s going on my next batch of Christmas cards.

Alas, Probability’s website redirects to IGT now (it was consumed by the slots giant a couple of years ago), and IGT’s website makes no mention of Forty Shades of Santa at all.

I can only think that the slot was lost in a few horrible boating accident. A fire, maybe. Perhaps a sudden attack of common sense.

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